Despite the fact that the orange man in his expensive suit says that global warming is nothing but a hoax that the Chinese created, it is, in fact very real, and is affecting our skin and it’s health in more ways than we can imagine. Also, our lifestyle choices and diets don’t necessarily add up to the equation which equals to a healthy, beautiful and glowing skin. But to your luck, we have just what you need. Here are 7 most effective ways to rejuvenate your damaged skin:


  1. Moisturize: More often than not, people forget that our skin needs moisture and nourishment that can cure your dehydrated, dull looking skin before you know it. And the best part? There are natural organic home remedies such as lemon, honey and aloe extracts to get you started easily from your home itself.


  1. Sunscreen: Applying sun screen to not just your face but to your whole exposed skin every time that you step out in the sun, helps to protect it from the harmful UV rays and not to forget, reduces the risk of skin cancer. Even if it’s cloudy or cold outside, applying at least SPF 30 can protect your skin from dryness and dehydration. Check out budget sunscreens here.



  1. Exfoliate: Not only does exfoliating your skin help stimulate the blood flow of your body, but it also removes the dead cells and remaining matter that has found its way under your skin’s surface, to give you a soft, flawless and glowing skin. Twice a week is appropriate for most people, but if your skin is delicate then once a week is the way to go with either face masks or sheet face masks.


  1. Drink water: Yes, as simple as that may sound, staying hydrated and can do wonders to your skin and metabolism helping you achieve the glowing look your desire.


Emolene is my go-to moisturizer that is available at any medical store & is super gentle on your skin. Clin 3 is great to treat acne!


  1. A healthy diet: A healthy diet is most important in having a continued healthy skin. Vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach and tomatoes; fruits such as papaya and apple, and dry fruits such as almonds and walnuts, have been voted best to give your body to nourishment to make your skin glow.


  1. Detox waters: Replenishing your body with detox waters, which contain citrus fruits such as orange and lime, will help balance the levels of powerful anti-inflammatory compounds which helps the liver flush toxins from the body. Another great beverage, green tea, also helps reverse the effects of skin damage by neutralizing the changes that appear in a sun-exposed skin.



  1. Lifestyle habits: Exercising and yoga for time as minimum as 15 to 20 minutes a day boosts circulation and activates naturally occurring moisturizers in your skin.


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