In the run of achieving everything we forget that sometimes getting our “me” time is out of question. But if you make an effort to give your self-time once a week, doing anything you want to and not thinking about anything else , will make you more energetic for rest of the week. And what better than giving yourself a spa therapy?

There is always an array of excuses for pampering your skin or giving yourself a treat, like busy schedules, tight budgets, other priorities and etc. and sometimes giving yourself a professional skin treatment is big crunch on our pocket. Luckily, you can supplement yourself a salon treatment at home.

To help you with that, here are 9 step facial treatment.

You can make your own homemade products OR can purchase products from market suitable to your skin. It’s your choice!

1.  Prep up all the things you need

Collect all the supplies at one place that you need to treat yourself with aromatic special facial. To make the whole business easier you can also collect it in a tray.

Things you will need:

–          3 face towels ( 1 extra just in case you mess up things)

–          Hot water/ steam machine( place 1 towel* covering the vessel or on the running steam nozzle)

–          Wide cloth hair band

–          Scrubaccording to your skin

–          Cleanser suitable to your skin

–          Lip exfoliator

–          Face mask

–          Tweezer and blackhead remover

–          Toner

–          Moisturizer according to your skin

–          Candles, essential oil, light instrumental music and a glass of Wine or Juice

2.  Dress up!

After you’re done collecting all the necessities, keep your phone on silent mode. Wear your bathrobe or good looking old clothes, tie up your hair while securing the forehead with wide hair band. Set the mood by lighting up the candles and put on the music, may be dance a little. It is like “sharpening your axe before you cut the tree”

3.  Warm it up

Give your face muscles a warm up exercise by removing any make up you are wearing or just pre-cleansing. Then place that 1 towel* which you warmed up with the steam of hot water on your face for sauna effect while encouraging your pores to open up for deep cleanse and release you from all the tensions.

4.  Cleanse

Gently massage your face with the cleanser you selected in circular motion to stimulate blood flow and give shoot out to some pressure points to get your relax hormones at work.

5.  Exfoliate

An important part to buff away the dead skin and black heads, so choose your exfoliator wisely. Similarly like cleansing massage your face in circular motion mainly near nose and under lips area to kill those hidden zits. Remember to use the product that has small and soft granules to save you from abrasion and damage. Also use a lip exfoliator to get that plump!

6.  Steam

Give your face a nice steam after you remove the scrub with cotton. As the heat will reach inside the pores and remove the dirt and give you refreshing look. You can use home-made steam or steam machine, making sure you don’t over heat your face.

7.  Use your tools

Now as all the cells have loosened up by the steam, it is the best time to do that plucking of extra hair and remove those unwanted weeds on your face ( blackheads) by using tweezer and blackhead remover.

8.  Mask

Apply the mask suitable to your skin till your neck. Then, sleep for 15 min, placing slice of cucumber or cotton pad dipped in rose water on your eyes. Let the aroma and music enlighten your senses, in the mean while mask will reset your skin to a glowing mode.

9.  Tone & moisturize

Lastly tone and moisturize, after you have removed the face mask thoroughly. Use alcohol-free toner to close the pores and to finish it off conclude with a nice moisturizer.