As natural as it is for teens and college students to get stressed about their exams and assignment deadlines during this time of the year, so are the adverse effects that it causes to their body and skin. Here are a few sure shot tips for your some post-exam skin care!

Primarily, acne is the result of an increase in the level of the stress hormone in the body that is the result of inefficient sleep patterns, pressure to perform better, low self esteem and a hundred other reasons in today’s demanding world. But what needs to be remembered is that once all of the hardships are over, one needs to put in time and effort to help rejuvenate to get back their healthy, glowing skin, which can be easily achieved by following a few quick and simple skin care routines.

One of the biggest drawbacks of exam stress is increase in production of oil in the facial skin which causes acne, which can be easily gotten rid of by using home remedies such a applying lemon juice or garlic to the affected areas, and washing it off with water once it dries. Another symptom of stress is under eye bags which are caused due to accumulation of a fluid which occurs when a person’s sleep patterns are disturbingly less. These can be cured by using the bottom of a chilled spoon, under the eyes to help release the fluids faster into the bloodstream.

Home made face masks with different combinations like honey and baking soda, honey-lemon and sugar, greek yogurt and avocado can do wonders for your skin too. Just mix them in a 50-50 ratio, keeping the consistency, and apply them on the face as a mask and leave on the face for 15 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. These are not only simple, organic and healthy, but also very cheap. Also don’t forget to moisturize yourself with a good moisturizer that suits your skin.

Skin Care Tip: Emolene is one such affordable moisturizer that is available at any medical store & is gentle on your skin. Clin 3 is great to treat that post-exam stress acne!


Hydrating yourself with water is very crucial to having a healthy and glowing skin as compared to sugary beverages like tea and coffee which one might have consumed in high amounts during exams to stay up late. Eating junk food and eating at odd hours, skipping meals, are other food related activities that students purge in during exams. Once the exams are over, it’s essential to go back to a healthy eating pattern with a diet that consists of vitamins and minerals to bring back the fresh, flushed skin that is stress free and relaxed.

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