Every summer, i am on the hunt for feminine dresses that are not just comfortable but also look pretty. Why you ask? Because summer in Mumbai isn’t your typical summer. Calling it “warm” would be an understatement. The moment you get out of your house, you start to sweat. All the hours of effort you have put in, be it your hair or makeup is of no use because the humidity in Mumbai makes you perspire in seconds.

Living in Mumbai has definitely taught me a bunch of handy tips on how i can look chic without putting in as much effort.

Here’s a list of tips / tricks that will help you get the effortless look –


  1. Outfits

Organize your wardrobe in sections i.e Shirts, Tops, Dresses & so on, so that you don’t have to search for your clothes every now & then. If you plan to wear a party dress during the day, tone it down with sneakers or flats. However, if girly summer dresses are your thing, pair it with comfortable mules or chunky heels (like i did in the images below)

Effortless looks are all about mixing statement pieces with casuals. It’s about being comfortable yet fashionable.


2. Hair

If you have wavy/ curly hair like me, use a tiny bit of leave-in-conditioner and let it air dry. Due to the humidity in the air, your hair is going to get wavy anyway. No amount of flat-ironing is going to help you escape the summer. So, give the hot tools some rest and let your hair be au naturale.

Not a big fan of leaving your tresses loose? Go for a top knot or side braids.


3. Makeup

I skip foundation & concealer almost 80% of the times during summer. What’s the point of putting in all this effort when your make is just going to melt away in the heat? Use a tiny bit of BB cream or maybe a tinted moisturizer if necessary but let your skin breathe. The one thing you should never forget is a Sunscreen. I am someone who always forgets to wear sunscreen but i always end up regretting it later on!

When it comes your eye makeup, just dab on a tiny bit of peach eyeshadow. You can always reuse the eyeshadow as a blush. For lips, go for liquid lipsticks that stay on the lips for a longer time.


What’s your effortless dressing tip?




Dress: Bangkok | Shoes: Forever 21 

Photography: Isha Talmale

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