Hello there!

I am Gia kashyap, Founder & Creative mind behind giasaysthat.com. As a child, i was always inspired by colours. Doodles were something that made me happy! My notebooks were always filled with doodles of people, clothing & shoes.

Little did i know that i would end up working in the Fashion industry!  When i was 15, i used to work as a graphic designer for a website and then at 18, i started my t-shirt business. At the age of 21, i got the opportunity to write as a Fashion columnist for a well known publication in the country. My life has been an interesting journey and i live for the moment!

Fashion is an art. I get inspired by colours, textures & compilation. It’s just like building a house. You create something magnificent by using different elements. Other than fashion, i love creating illustrations,  photography,  playing table tennis, editing videos, PC games & watching documentaries. Today, I am lucky to have worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry and giasaysthat.com has turned out to be one of the most influential Fashion blogs in India.

I started giasaysthat.com in 2010 with an aim to share my ideas with you through images & words. It’s just a 5 minute escape from your mundane work into the the world of Fashion, Beauty & Food.

Thank you for being a part of my journey!

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