Building a stylish wardrobe is not an easy task. It takes a lot of patience and a good eye. But you don’t necessarily need to buy expensive pieces for you to look stylish all the time. All you need is to invest in good basic pieces that can be styled multiple ways.

A basic piece is a piece of clothing that can be worn beneath a fancy outfit or by itself for a simple look. These pieces generally need some other element to make them look stylish. There four or five pieces that classify as wardrobe basics. They are a pair of fitted jeans, a good t-shirt in solid colours like white, black and grey, a well-fitted blazer and an LBD.





If you have a good set of basics you can be sure that you can build your wardrobe to be as stylish as you want. Here are five reasons that will tell you why you need to invest is good basics for a stylish wardrobe.

  1. A basic piece like a pair for fitted jeans can be worn with a number of trendy items. A trend can come and go and it doesn’t make much economic send to really invest in pieces that might not be in fashion in a few months. But a pair of good jeans can last you a very long time and can go with multiple items which is why it is a good investment.


  1. Your basics are something that you wear a lot. They are your go to items when you’re in a rush and don’t have time to figure out what to wear. Since you wear them a lot it is only natural that you wash them often too. If you want your comfy basic t-shirts to last you a long time you should really invest in them.




  1. Your basic tee or jacket is something that you can wear with multiple pieces like a statement skirt, a dress, a pair of fancy pants and so on. These pieces can be paired with a lot of other pieces and need to be sturdy enough to hold the look together.


With good basics; you’ll have endless options!


  1. Since these pieces are used often, having multiples is a good move because you can’t always wash and wear. Buying multiple basic tees is always a good idea.


Your basics are the foundation of your wardrobe. You can build your wardrobe on the basis of these pieces. The foundation of anything should be strong and hence it is necessary for one to invest in them.




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