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The first month of the New Year is famous for being the month of new resolutions, but it is equally famous for being a month where most New Year’s resolutions are broken. We always start our new years with new zest and resolve to follow our New Year’s resolutions, but often come the second week of the year; we know that we’re not going to keep our resolutions.

We make big decisions about our New Year’s resolution at the end of a year, but we often have a tough time keeping them. We decide to give up junk food, exercise every day, write every day, cook every day, but we can’t make it through one week keeping them all. So here are three tips that will help you keep your resolutions this year.




  1. Create a plan: The reason why most of us fail to keep up with our resolutions is that we often become overwhelmed with them. Therefore, when you make a resolution, create a plan that will help you stick to it. If your resolution is to lose weight this year, set a monthly weight goal. Also plan a weekly or daily diet, collect recipes, and make grocery lists that will help you stick to it. Planning makes it a lot easier to stick to your resolutions.


Picture Courtesy: Pinterest


  1. Get a resolution buddy: Tell a friend or relative about your resolution, ask them to keep a check on you and to remind you of your goals. You can also find someone who has a similar resolution so that you have someone who is on the same path as you. If your resolution this year is to read more, find a book club, if it is to write more find a person with whom you can share your write ups and who will encourage you to write more.



  1. Reward yourself: Reward yourself with little gifts or cheat days when you are successful in keeping your resolution or in achieving a resolution related goal. If you’re successful exercising for a week treat yourself with a cheat meal or if you’re successful in saving more money than planned treat yourself by indulging in a little retail therapy.


These three steps will definitely help you keep your resolution, but the most important thing you need to have is a positive outlook and belief in yourself.