The winter months are slipping by and soon it will be summer. The time of the year when you get to flaunt some skin with crop tops, bikinis, shorts and sun dresses. After these long winter months where you mostly just ‘netflix and chill’-ed, it can be a bit a difficult to get back on track with your fitness regime. It’s time to dig out your annual gym membership and sweat it out at the gym once again.

When going to the gym you must carry a gym bag. This bags holds all your essentials that will need post your workout. Here are five items that you must carry in your gym bag every time you head out to workout.


  1. Clean set of clothes: There’s nothing worse than working out in dirty sweaty clothes. Ensure that you always have a clean set of workout clothes in your gym bag.


    1. Water bottle: It’s important to stay hydrated when you workout. Always have a water bottle in your bag. This one, in the shape of a dumbbell will give you all the more inspiration to workout. Get this Stylish Dumbbell Sports Bottle for some quirky workout inspiration.



  1. Facial Wash: After your workout, you need to shower before you head out again. Carry a gentle cleanser in your bag to give your face a good cleansing after a sweaty workout. This Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser works well on all skin types.



  1. Dry shampoo: You can’t always wash your hair post workout and those are the times when a dry shampoo can actually come in handy. This Batiste Dry Shampoo Instant Hair Refresh Clean and Classic Original dry shampoo from Batiste comes in multiple fragrances and works wonders on your hair.


  1. A healthy snack: One can often get hungry after a rigorous workout. Instead of bingeing on something friend and unhealthy, carry a healthy snack like a fruit or a protein bar. This one form MB – the Muscle Blaze Protein Bar is not only healthy, but also super delicious as well.




If you have these five things in your bag you don’t really need much else for your daily workout. So, pack up and head to the gym, cause swimsuit season is just around the corner.


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