The New Year is here, and it has brought with it, a hoard of new fashion trends. This is perhaps the right time for you to renew and refresh your wardrobe with innumerable sales going on everywhere and designers and shops renewing their own collections. If you’re planning your shopping spree for the year soon, here are some tips about this years’ best fashion trends that will help you take on the New Year at your fashionable best.


  1. Fringes: Fringe clothing has been around for quite a few seasons now and fringes are going to be around this year as well. Embrace the last few months of winter with cool sued jackets with fringe sleeves, or take on those trips with a new fringe satchel bag. If you are adventurous with your style you can even try experimenting with fringe pants as well. Check out how i styled fringes here!



  1. Sheer: Another big trend for this year is sheer. Everything from sheer tops, dresses, skirts and even pants are in this season. Wear these with cute printed camisoles, sexy bralettes or with plain slips. The sheer trend is so versatile that its sure to last you through the summer of 2018.



  1. Sequins: All parties this year are sure to be a shiny affair with all the sequins that’s going to be around. Sequinned tops, dresses, skirts and pants are a huge trend for 2018. If you’re a party freak, a sequined piece is a must have piece in your wardrobe.



  1. Bold Colours: The fashion mantra for this year is going to be ‘go bold, or go home’. Reds, oranges, sky blues, pinks and purples are going to big this year. Wearing one colour from head to toe is a big trend for this year. Sporting this look is super easy and it instantly makes you look stylish and chic without you having to put too much effort into it.


The fashion mantra for the year is to GO BOLD OR GO HOME!


  1. Wild Prints: 2018 is the year when you get to go wild with your prints. When it comes to prints this year the mantra is going to be ‘the wilder the better’. Crazy psychedelic prints, animal prints, traditional Indian prints are all the in this season.


So what are you waiting for? Grab your shopping bag and head out and have a fashionable year ahead!