Concealer is a girl’s best friend. It can hide all your skin imperfections like dark circles, pigmentation, blemishes even scars. It’s a must-have in every make up kit. Unfortunately, a lot of brands only cater to people with light or medium skin. Not everyone can find their perfect match when it comes to concealers, especially those with a dusky skin tone. If you’re one of those who just can’t find a concealer that fits your skin tone then here are some hacks and tips that’ll help you make do with what you can find.



  1. Figure out your undertone – This is how you do it. Look at the veins on your arms, if they appear blue you have a cool undertone, if they appear green you have a warm undertone and if it appears to be a mix of both blue and green then you have a neutral undertone. Depending on your undertones, pick your concealer, cool undertones work well with concealers with pink undertones, warm undertones work well with concealers with yellow or gold undertones. Neutral undertones work well with a mix of yellow and pink undertone concealer.


  1. Use colour corrector – This neutralizes the imperfections of your skin, like pigmentation and dark circles. Always do this before you put on your foundation. Use peach for dark circles, green for redness, purple for dullness, and yellow for brightening. If you don’t want to splurge on color correctors even red and peach lipsticks can do the trick.


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  1. Green to the rescue – If you just can’t get your concealer shade right, use your green corrector instead. This works great at concealing redness around your face and also balances out your skin tone.



  1. Go for full coverage foundation – Choose a foundation that has near to full coverage. If you find the right shade you may not need concealer at all and use your foundation to cover your spots instead.


  1. Bake it- You concealer will last much longer if you powder it well. Baking is a technique that helps set your make up and makes it last all day long.


Try these tips for sure to stop your makeup from looking too cakey or leave a white-ish tone on that lovely dusky skin of yours.