Admit it, most of us girls would pick up at least three tops while shopping from a flea market or one from a branded store every time we shop. We like to mix and match clothes and never want to repeat our outfits until we are bound to. And so to have more options in our wardrobes and keep up with every new trend that pops up in the fashion industry, we raid the shops until we are satisfied.

In turn, our wardrobe gets cluttered and we are always confused what to wear from such a full closet.  We have some tips, to solve this problem:


1) Un-repeat the same clothes

We always tend to repeat few pieces non-stop, because we feel comfortable in it or because it makes the task of haunting for new pieces easier.  Instead we can adopt some tricks such as hanging the used pieces in a remote corner or hang them inside out – anything which prevents us to reach out to them. In turn, we will be exploring the unused portion of our wardrobe and will realize the variety of clothing we already own.


2) Invest in classics, not trends

Trends may change but classics never go out of style. Be it be a LBD, a trench coat, a pair of great blue jeans or nude stilettos – you can always count on them to make you look good year after year. On the other hand, trends keep coming and going so something which you bought this year might become out dated by the next year and so on.  A great tip is to purchase trending pieces from the flee markets so that you can easily donate them if needed later.



3) Reduce your need for additional accessories.

Sometimes we often wait until we find the ‘perfect accessory’ to pair up with something. This habit in turn will lead us to shop one thing after another in the lieu of finding that particular accessory. Instead you should always look for pieces that compliment your existing accessory pile.


 4) Get rid of clothes that don’t fit once and for all.

Our sizes often change, whether our bodies expand or reduce over the years. Also, most of us have ill-fitting clothes in our wardrobe that we think we will make use of someday. These should be removed immediately. Plus when you know your size perfectly, you will always purchase the correct pieces.


5) Follow the Rainbow

Every day for a week, make sure that your ensemble includes an item of a certain color: week one is red, two is orange, three is yellow, etc. This will encourage you to search through your closet and actually wear the pieces that have been languishing, unloved, underneath your go-to items.



Now that you are aware of these useful tricks, you can definitely cut down on your shopping trips and invest more time in your existing wardrobe!