Makeup is every girl’s prized possession. It’s selected after a lot of thinking, comparing and testing. It’s always stored in elegant drawers and boxes. And it’s always in abundance. No girl is ever satisfied just one shade of red lipstick or just one kajal pencil.

What we often neglect is the health of these products. We don’t even realise that we may be ruining them just because of our habits. Just by taking a few precautions or changing a few habits, you can extend the life of these products and in turn save a lot of money.

Here’s what you’re doing to ruin your makeup.

  1. Not washing your hands: Clean hands will keep your products clean. You need to wash your hand ideally both before and after you do your makeup. While doing your makeup your hands are all over your face, this can lead to the spread of bacteria both on your face and o n your products. So make sure you’re washing your hands before you use your makeup.



  1. Not checking their date of expiration: Yes, make up has an expiry date too. The product can be used after they expire but can cause a lot of skin problems too. So they are best used before their date of expiry


  1. Keeping them in the bathroom: Make up products should always be stored in a dry place. We know it’s easy to do your makeup while you’re doing your skincare, but it’s not the best for your makeup to be stored in a damp place.



  1. Dumping them in your bag: The most number of compacts, blushes and bronzers are shattered because they’re dumped in an overstuffed handbag and banged around. Keep a separate pouch for your makeup.


  1. Leaving the caps and lids off: We know, some packaging can be extremely delicate but it is extremely important as well. Handle with care all your make up products and always recap them after use.


  1. Not washing your brushes: Think about it, they’re all over your face, they absorb all the bacteria off your face shouldn’t they be washed regularly so they don’t keep spreading the same bacteria on your face over and over again?


  1. Sharing: No, sharing is not caring when it comes to make up. Sharing makeup is like exchanging bacteria, do you really want to do that?



  1. Pumping the mascara wand: The mascara tube and wand are not meant to be pump. Doing so adds extra air to the bottle causing the mascara to dry faster.


Take this blog as a guideline for you to take care of your makeup, so you don’t end wasting and ruining your favourite makeup products!