Using oils as a part of your skin care routine is definitely not popular in India. True, some of our grandmothers and mothers must have sworn to use coconut oil or mustard oil to moisturize the body as an alternative to body lotions. But this whole phenomenon of applying oils in the face especially when it is so hot in India is very confusing, all the more if you have oily skin type or have a mixed one. However, Hollywood has surely adapted this skincare routine successfully and has given credits to oils for a best keep skin including the Kardashians.

To deal with these confusions we have come up with 5 reasons why your skincare routine needs oils:

1) As a source of hydration

Oils clearly hydrate your skin. They make your skin soft and help the pores to retain the moisture. Use one before applying any cream or makeup product. They work superbly well for dry skin since they keep the moisture intact for long durations, in turn keeping the skin look fresh and pumped up.


2) As a cleanser

All of us know the struggle of taking off our makeup at the end of the day. While some products refuse to get off easily, some leave traces behind which are carried on till the next day. Cleansing oils come as a great source of rescue in such situations. They work very well to take your makeup off. What best is that they will leave your skin smooth and soft after the application.


3) As a primer for makeup

Yes, oils can be used as a primer base too. Apply it gently on your face and give it some time to sink. You will notice that it will create a very smooth canvas to use your makeup. Some beauty experts also dip in their foundation brushes in a little oil to give the application a smooth finish.


4) To combat oily skin

Oil on oil? Well as surprising it seems, light weight oils can actually bring balance to your oily skin. Oils like Jojoba oil or Aloe Vera oils will help you to pump up your skin and stop the clogging on your face.




5) As a healer to breakouts and acnes

Soothing oils like lavender and tea tree oils are considered as a healing agent on skin breakouts. Their anti-bacterial and gentle formula is considered as a total win win. You can also use them for a soothing effect on your skin.



Now that you are aware of these amazing benefits of including oils in your skincare routine, do not step back !


Recommendations for Facial Oils in India:


1) Passion Indulge Pearl Light Facial Oil


2) Bio-Oil

3) The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil