Most of us can’t live without a mascara. It is one of those essential things which we feel totally defines our eyes. But mascaras also tend to clump your eyelashes, making them fall off eventually. They are also hard to take off and can make your eyes feel heavy especially if it’s a waterproof one. So what if we tell you that you can define your eyes even if you skip your mascara too?  Or what if you are travelling and you forget to carry your mascara or had finished it unexpectedly? Well fret not, just follow these minimal makeup tips to define your eyes:


1) Keep it clean and clear:

De-puff your eyes using eye creams, ice or cucumber and your eyes will definitely look better. You can also hide dark circles using concealers or colour correctors. This will make your eyes look much brighter.


2) Highlight the inner corners:

This is a small but easy trick to instantly make your eyes look wide awake. Apply a tiny amount of eye shadow or eyeliner in your inner corners to take away the fatigued look.


3) Fine eyeliner:

A super fine eyeliner around your eyes will give it a defined look.  Draw it as close to the upper lashline as possible, making it thick only at the outer corners.


4) Do your brows:

Never underestimate the power of a pair of good brows. Keep your eyebrow game at point to make your eyes look framed and defined.

5) Brighten the waterline:

Instead of using a black colour for your waterline, you can use a brightening neutral shade to made them look wide. Use a beige or cream coloured liner for the best effect.



6) Contour the crease:

Contour your eyelids to secretly give them a shape. An eyeshadow shade slightly darker than your natural skin tone along the crease of your eyelid will work wonders.

7) Eyelash curler

If you own an eyelash curler, you can easily curl your lashes for a wide-awake look. Keep these tools handy for touch-ups in between to instantly lift up your lashes.



So now that you know about these easy tricks, you can easily give your mascara & eye lashes a much needed break 😉