If there’s one tool in particular that has considerably changed the makeup game of our generation, it has to be the ‘makeup sponge’. Now while most of us own at least one makeup sponge in our kits, most of us also use it only for applying and blending our foundations and concealers at the max. But did you know that you can do much more than that with your makeup sponge? Read on to know how.



1) For beautiful Nail Art

Makeup sponges can be used to create beautiful nail art, especially the ombre effect. You just need to cut the sponge into a flat shape and apply the nail colours in the desired pattern, dab it on your nails and finally seal it with a transparent coat. Check out a DIY ombre tutorial with a makeup sponge on YouTube if you are still confused. 



2) To set your Blush or Highlight.

A fluffy brush is surely your blush’s best friend. However you can also use a makeup sponge to blend your blush into your cheeks. It will help in spreading out the product evenly without making you look like a clown. And since makeup sponges are good for application on our cheeks, you can also use it to blend in your highlight. 


3) As a Hair Colouring technique

With so many different hair colouring techniques coming up at present, this one is worth a shot. Hairstylists use makeup sponges to dab the desired colour on the specific portion of the hair and also blend two shades effortlessly.  


4) As an Eye Shadow applicator. 

Now this one is a rarely heard one but you can use the tip of your makeup sponge to pick up eye shadow from your palette and dab it slowly on your eyelids. Make sure you pick up just a small amount of product on the sponge. It will also help you to blend the colours and create a crease using the edge of the makeup sponge. 




5) As a Lipstick Applicator. 

You can use a makeup sponge to pick up very minimal product on your lips and then spread it evenly. This helps when you want to lighten your lip shade or make it subtle for a particular event.  




We love these makeup sponge tricks! Which one was your favourite and which one would you try? Comment below.