As women we are often told that we should dress as per our body shape. But you should know that you look good in clothes that make you feel comfortable, not matter if they are made for your body types or not. But there are certain types of clothes that do look more flattering on certain body types. It can be difficult to choose skirts that look good on a certain shaped body. So here’s a guide to help you pick out skirt styles that look best on your body.

Body shapes are broadly classified into 4 types. Here’s a guide to help you know which skirt will look good on your shape.


  1. The Pear Shaped Body: If you’re light in the top and heavier on the bottom part of your body, you have pear-shaped body. Pleated skirts look great on pear shaped bodies. These skirts are cinched at the mid riff and flow down onto your hips. They mask the belly bulge pretty well, but remember to choose skirts with a smaller waistband as a big waistband can draw attention to your tummy.





  1. The Apple Shaped Body: If you have a slim lower body and are heavy around the torso area, you have an apple shaped body. High waisted skater skirts look great on this body type. These skirts are worn on the smallest part of your waist and flair out over your hips. They are made to flaunt your long legs. If you have a tummy, these skirts do a good job of covering it.



  1. The Rectangle Shaped Body: It your shoulders, midriff and hips are about the same size, you have a banana shaped body. Maxi shirts look great on this body type. But you can also wear body hugging mini skirts and flaunt your slim legs.



    4. The Hourglass Shaped Body: If your upper body is proportionate to your lower body and you have a slim waist you’ve got an hourglass shaped body. Pencil skirts are made for this type of body. They accentuate your curves and look great for partying as well as for a day look.




What’s your favorite skirt style to wear? Let us know in the comments below!



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