The Indian monsoons are here and they make everything dull and grey. We’re afraid to step out in our best clothes because we don’t want to get them wet and dirty. But the rains are no reason for not making a fashion statement. You can make the best out of this season and enjoy the rains, all while being dressed impeccably.

There are certain types of clothes that you need to stay clear of this season. Jeans is one of them. Covering up your legs, is not a good idea. Jeans when wet can get itchy and they also takes a long time to dry. So put your jeans aside for this season. Same goes for maxi skirts and dresses. Long clothes are big no no for this season.



Shorts, mini or calf length skirts and rompers are the outfits on this season. They keep your legs uncovered and so you don’t need to keep worrying about getting your clothes wet. Fabrics like cotton, silk and other natural fabrics are the fabrics to go with this season.

A pair of shorts, with a shirt and open strapped sandals is the ultimate rainy day outfit. For work you can pair a formal skirt with a cotton shirt and heels. Rompers are another way to do the rainy day casual look. They’re great for a casual day out with friends or a Sunday brunch. Rompers are extremely versatile and when styled well with accessories they can easily be worn for an evening of partying too.

Investing is a raincoat is also a good idea. When we say raincoat, the first image that probably comes to your mind is the thing you used to wear to school when you were a kid. But we’re talking about the numerous stylish coats that you can now buy online. They are extremely stylish and will make you look chic. They are also a welcome respite from having to haul a huge umbrella everywhere.

As for footwear, sandals in bright colors are available everywhere. If you want to be a tad bit more adventurous you can invest in some funky boots, they will keep your feet, both warm and clean all through the rains.


Hope these tips help you have a fashionable monsoon!



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