Cooking & me are poles apart. Yes, I absolutely love food but have I ever enjoyed the process of cooking? Not really! Well, I blame it on the lack of motivation in my kitchen. Not-so-pretty kitchen appliances only add to the long hours of cooking. Personally, I believe cooking is an experience that becomes better with an enjoyable workspace. However traditional the recipe might be, who says you can’t add a dollop of fun into the mix?

Recently, I attended the Morphy Richards event for the launch of their new collections:  Redefine, Prism & Total Control. Redefine is meant to not just be aesthetically pleasing but also to make the process of cooking easier for you. The USP of the range is the Intelligent ThermoGlass technology that allows you to clearly see your bread being toasted/water being boiled to perfection. Prism (which is one of my favourite!) is for the ones who love to stand out from the crowd. It’s bold, fun & eclectic!  The smartest of the lot is Total Control which gives you full control over how you would like to prep your food. It uses Smart Response Technology which intelligently controls the motor in a variety of ways, providing the right level of power regardless of the mixture.

Morphy Richards has some fun activities planned for us. At the event, we were divided into 2 teams and had to prepare food using the newly launched appliances within a stipulated time. From whipped cream to mocktails, we did it all using Morphy Richards efficient yet stylish collection. We even tried toasting 8 slices of bread in the Prism toaster (it’s meant for 4 but 8 worked just fine!). When it got down to mocktails, the Total Control Blender crushed ice in just a few minutes and voila! We were chilling with fresh, mint mocktails. The other team won though (sadly)… Not only I had so much fun preparing these items, but it was easy and effortless. Catchup with my experience and try to control your drool !

Morphy Richards iconic designs definitely redefine the meaning of Kitchen appliances. If you love to cook, these appliances are definitely a must have! You can check the entire collection out HERE

Photos: Isha Talmale