Who doesn’t love monsoon and the wonderful smell of mud a shower of rain leaves in its aftermath? While rains can be glorious in the first few days, they are gradually detested as time passes by. This is because humidity brings with it unwanted bacteria that is known to settle in clothes and leave them with a typical ‘monsoon odour’ that is difficult to get rid of. Fungus and bacteria find a breeding ground in our clothes which end up emitting a bad stench even after repeated washes.

Here’s your go-to guide to bypass all the difficulties faced during monsoon and retain sweet smelling clothes in your wardrobe.

  • Camphor to your rescue

This is an age-old method but it is highly effective. Camphor has the ability to absorb moisture. Insects that creep and find their way from the nooks and crannies of your wardrobe can be kept at bay by using camphor. Save your clothes from falling prey to fungus by allowing camphor to come to your rescue.


  • Make Use of Neem Leaves

Neem leaves are enriched with anti-fungal and anti-septic properties. They serve as natural pesticides. By placing a few dried Neem leaves in your wardrobe, you can shun away insects which may ruin your clothes.

  • Never stuff damp clothes in the wardrobe

No matter how lazy you are feeling or how much time constraint you are under, never shove semi-wet clothes in your wardrobe. Moisture is a happy place for insects to breed. The semi-wet clothes will not only lead to bad odour, but the fungus formed on the surface of the clothes will affect your other outfits too. You can iron the semi-wet clothes to make them completely dry before you place them in the wardrobe.


  • Shuffle your pile of clothes occasionally

Make sure every garment has space to breathe. Proper ventilation is extremely essential to keep the clothes smelling fresh. So shuffle them occasionally. A low voltage bulb that will emit mild heat will also help the moisture in the wardrobe to evaporate.


  • Vinegar is an Excellent Disinfectant

Vinegar contains acetic acid that works to brighten and soften your laundry. Add a few drops of vinegar while washing your clothes and you will get rid of the troubling smell and fungus with ease.


Make sure you enjoy the upcoming monsoon season to the fullest. However, ensure you follow the above-mentioned tips to ward off unwanted smell and keep your clothes fresh and dry all through the rainy season.