As a part of the millennial generation and being one of the kids born in the 1990s (RE-PRE-SENT!), I have been constantly fed by the internet that it’s okay to be lazy and “Pizza is bae”. doubt I have a soft corner for Pizza but we have been told to live a life that solely involves “Netflix & Chill”. (Literally!) To be very honest, I have been a victim of laziness. Reality hit me in 2015 when I decided to join Zumba to change my lifestyle. There was no change in my diet but I solely decided to change ONE part of my life. I always believe in changing ONE thing at a time because too many changes makes you feel uninspired.

This ONE little change i.e attending Zumba class 3 times a week transformed my life. Other than losing a couple of kilos without any crash diet ( I love food and I did indulge a lot), I also felt so much more happy. It was not just about losing weight but also about feeling physically & mentally stronger. A few months back, I made one more change. I changed my diet. I am a proud Indian and nothing beats Indian food. Being a vegetarian, my dietician suggested a very practical diet that can be followed by anyone. It has definitely helped me quite a bit. I eat clean most days but yes, I do indulge from time to time.

I didn’t make any rash decisions to join the gym during New years eve like most of us do

Back to the present , just roughly a month back I added one more element to my work out routine. Well.. other than Zumba I also started off with weight training to strengthen my muscles.  I never thought I would join the Gym but just cardio isn’t enough for my body. It’s been almost a month and I definitely feel so much happier!  I am not aiming to be skinny or dramatically thinner than what I am today but just feel stronger.

I changed my Lifestyle, ONE little thing at a time. Has it helped? YES! It took me 2 years and I didn’t make any rash decisions to join the gym during New years eve like most of us do. It’s very vital to push yourself no matter what! Yes, it’s quite difficult to stay focused but only YOU can control your life.



Dress: Ajio | Jacket: Zara | Heels: Koovs 

Photos by Isha Talmale