Every decade sees a new trend or a different style which is heavily picked up by masses all over the world and is there to last till the next decade. From bell-bottoms to aviators, you have seen it all and probably have owned a couple of the oldies which seemed to have never gone out of style! So guess what? We are here to remind you of six awesome trends from the nineties which are back in fashion and all you need to do is buy the comebacks and flaunt it!


  1. Round Sun-glasses

Everyone remembers the iconic round shaped sun-glasses which were a major hit back then. The trend has made a comeback with young women trying their hands on with different colours and sizes to complete their nineties look!

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  1. Denim & Corduroy Overalls

The suit-up overall has always been the perfect outfit for the tom-boyish-girl. Over-alls are fortunately a boon in any weather and the style of the outfit is perfectly smart as well as casual.



  1. Crop Tops & High-Waist Bottoms

This combination has been the in-thing these days. With mid-waist crop tops and high-waist bell bottoms, the heavily trending nineties look has been re-launched and is among the favourites for every young woman.

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  1. Choker Chains

A neck-fitting chain is an accessory all of us have used when we were young. The return of this trendy ornament is giving everyone major fashion goals. Its best suited when worn with an off-shoulder top or dress.

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  1. Winged Eye Liners

A winged eye-liner was every olden & golden celebrity’s favourite in the nineties. With a slow adoption rate, the eye style is now one of the major and most favourite trends for every makeup artist on their muse. And it’s been signature look for years now!

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  1. Platform Heels

The heavy-looking sandals were a big thing back then. Currently available in better looking shapes & colours – platform heels with sponged base soles are making a coming back. Being comfortable to the feet and with the towering height that women are looking out for, platform heels remain to be the best option.


With all these old styles becoming the in thing of today, women are all set to bring back the 90’s in style!