It’s very easy to spoil your makeup during the monsoon, when the bacteria are thriving and infections are rampant. So you need to take special care of all your beloved make up products so they can last you through the rest of the year.

Here are some tips on how you can take of your makeup this monsoon:


  1. Storage: Powder products are your best friends this season, so store them well. Place all your powders like your compacts and eye shadows in an airy cabinet, which is dry and is not affected by dampness.

  1. Resealing: A lot of times if we’re in a hurry we leave our products open or with their lids loosely on. Do not do this during monsoons. Make sure to reseal all your products tightly so they are not exposed to the damp air.

  1. Waterproof protection: If you travel with your products, make sure to carry them in a waterproof pouch. Even the slightest dampness can destroy your makeup.


  1. Brushes matter too: Damp brushes will not only prove ineffective in applying your makeup but also ruin your products. So store them in proper zip lock bags and make sure they remain dry.


  1. Blow dry your makeup: If despite taking all precautions you still manage to get your makeup wet, dry it using a blow dryer before putting it away. But make sure not to overdo it as too much heat can also destroy your makeup.


  1. Do not share: As mentioned before, monsoons are a great time for bacteria to fester. You don’t want someone else’s bacteria to mix with your makeup. It can also cause infections. So refrain from sharing your makeup this season.



Make sure you check your makeup before using it during monsoons. The slightest dampness or even a weird smell could mean that your make up is ruined. Using bad products can cause allergies or infections, so always inspect your makeup before use.