To those who have been following my blog for years and have been following my journey, this might be a shocker to you. I have literally grown up on the blog. From being a teenager to a 20-something, you have seen my life via You have seen me grow every single day. Today this blogpost is not a beauty or fashion article but it’s about the love of my life. Yes, I am engaged!

Many of you might wonder – When? What? How? Hence, I decided to write this blogpost because it would explain it all.



It all started in first year of college when I met this guy named Vishal who was my senior. We instantly became good friends. Mind you, just really good friends. At that time, I had no interest in dating. Well..being a typical 19 year old i just wanted to pursue a career in the creative field and not worry about Men. After a few months, Vishal & I started hanging out a lot and got fond of each other. I knew through a friend that Vishal liked me but of course we didn’t confront because we both were very shy.

One fine day, I got a call asking me to come out of my house. As soon as I stepped out, I found a trail of roses and letters outside the doorstep leading me to a garden. I ended up under a banyan tree and guess what I saw there? A guitar and a flower lying on it (Refer image below. Yes, it’s from 2009 when Instagram didn’t exist but I did click a lot of photos. Haha!). Then Vishal slowly walked out of the banyan tree and played the song “Hey there Delilah?” on his guitar and also a song he had written for me & asked me to be his girlfriend. It was the most romantic thing I have ever experienced in my life. I still get chills thinking about how far we have come.

I still remember the scene at the airport when he returned. We literally ran towards each other and hugged each other so tight as we were scared to let go.



Vishal & I have been together for more than 8.5 years. We have been asked a number of times by our fellow friends “Why aren’t you married yet?” “Dude! You have been seeing each other for almost a decade but why aren’t you hitched?”. The answer is simple – we love each other a lot and that is what creates a strong bond in a relationship. To us, marriage i.e  just signing a piece of paper doesn’t validate our relationship. What matters to us the most is the bond we share!


Honestly, the last 8.5 years, haven’t been easy. I have been away from Vishal for more than year when he was studying in the other corner of the world (Literally!). We met directly after 365 days. Imagine meeting someone you love after 365 days – It still makes me want to tear up! Long distance relationships are extremely difficult and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.  We used to exchange hand-written letters, poems & gifts with each other as it made us feel closer although we counted the number of days left for us to meet. We used to keep looking at the countdown app that showed the number of days left.

I remember how we used to go on “Skype dates” where in he used to order food from a local restaurant in Mumbai from Canada and then light a candle in front of his laptop screen just to surprise me. Yes, that’s how we went on date nights for 1 whole year! When it was morning there, it was night here so the time difference made it difficult for us to plan lengthy Skype calls but we tried our best. The long-distance did test our relationship & made us so much stronger!



Fast forward to mid-2016, Vishal decided to return to India as we couldn’t stay away from so long and after that we both literally spent every minute together. We tried making up for the time we lost when he was away. I still remember the scene at the airport when he returned. We literally ran towards each other and hugged each other so tight as we were scared to let go.



Last weekend, He wanted to meet a friend and asked me to join for dinner. I wasn’t in any mood because I had a lot of work to do and told him i wouldn’t be joining him. He tried convincing me till 6 PM and i still kept saying “No! No! No!”. Well…i changed my mind last-minute (Thankfully!) and decided to join him but I told him I would leave early. We reached the restaurant and Vishal told me to wait as he wanted to use the restroom. His friend and I decided to while away the time by checking the nearby stores / boutiques.

We finally went upstairs to the restaurant. The first thing I noticed about the restaurant is how magical it was. It looked like it was straight out of a Fairytale – chandeliers, roses & romantic music. We looked around searching for Vishal but couldn’t find him anywhere. Then, his friend took me to the private section of the restaurant and I told her ” We shouldn’t be going there!” and as soon as I stepped there – I saw Vishal hiding under the table. He popped out and started singing the song “All of me” by John Legend and immediately on the left side I saw my friends and family cheering us! You can watch the video below for my reaction because I was so shocked – I cannot describe it in words!

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When I heard Vishal sing the song, I could see him tear up a little because he knows this is our song and he meant every word he was singing. I was so surprised, shocked and emotional at the same time. I didn’t know what to do with myself as it was too unexpected. The man I love was standing right in front of my eyes singing our song and asking me to marry him at the most romantic and magical setting ever? What would I do? Of course I said YES!


Psst..doesn’t the engagement ring look like the Flower Emoji I love using on Instagram? 


After the engagement, he flew me to Delhi so I can stay at my favourite heritage hotel “The Imperial” for the weekend. Remember I posted it on Instagram HERE?  This was a surprise engagement gift which was so so sweet!  I have always wanted to visit Imperial due to it’s history. Again, the place was so magical and literally out of this world.


I had to keep this a secret for one whole week and it was quite a task! This has to be the most memorable day of my life and I am glad you guys are a part of it. Every comment you post means a lot to me. Thank you for all your heartfelt wishes!