You can take one look at a person’s feet and say how hygienically clean they keep themselves. This is because feet are the mirror to one’s personal hygiene. We need to take utmost care of our feet all throughout the year, but specially during the monsoon season. Due to moisture, humidity and our feet getting soaked in puddle water, skin infections are galore during the rains.

Therefore, foot-care should be your priority between June to September every year. A regular effort towards your feet can give you the pride of having and displaying gorgeous feet.

Give yourself a quick and gentle pedicure in the comfort of your home to give yourself happy feet. While following a pedicure regime at home, you’ll require the following equipments:


With the help of the above equipment’s you can do an exclusive pedicure at home by following these three easy steps:


  • Step #1 – Clean Your Feet

A simple but very effective way to keep your feet clean and infection-free is by dipping them in lukewarm water with a few drops of any antibacterial liquid (Dettol/Savlon or even baby wash or normal shampoo would do). Keep them soaked for about ten minutes and then pat them dry with a clean towel.

A foot soak

  • Step #2 – Exfoliate

This is one of the best monsoon foot-care tips. Exfoliate your feet in lukewarm water when you go for a bath. Add a foot soak or a dollop of your regular shampoo to the water and soak your feet for ten to fifteen minutes. Rub your soles with a scrub specially designed for feet, but do so gently. You can also use a pumice stone to accomplish the same purpose.


  • Step #3 – Moisturise

After drying your feet with a towel, apply a generous amount of your favourite moisturizer on your feet. Concentrate on the cracked areas. You can also use olive or almond oil to give yourself a foot massage. Doing so will stimulate your nerve endings, improve blood circulation and nourish your skin and foot muscles. You can check this moisturizer here.


The finishing touch


Your pedicure will only make sense if you make sure your shoes are clean and dry whenever you wear them. Invest in a foot mask while you’re shopping your monsoon essentials to get the wonderful feet you’ve always longed for.