Monsoon is one season where your whole day can be ruined just because you don’t have a few things handy. Stepping out during the rain requires a lot of preparation. From your skin, your outfit to your bag, everything has to be prepped before stepping out in the rain. But don’t worry, just few monsoon essentials in your bag that can save your day.

Here’s a list of 5 essentials that you must carry in your bag at all times during the monsoon.

  1. Face Wash: Rainy days can also be sweaty days. This sweat can cause breakouts and infections that are rampant during this season. A good anti-bacterial facewash can save your skin from all the monsoon related skin problems.
  2. Wet-wipes: In case you can’t get to clean water to wash your face, these anti-bacterial wipes will come in handy. You can also buy wipes with Vitamin E, C or even sunscreen or moisturising properties. They can also save you from all those mud splatters that are inevitable during the monsoons.
  3. Waterproof Mascara and Kajal: There’s nothing worse than your mascara and liner running down your face due to the rains. This is the season when you really need waterproof makeup. Invest a good waterproof mascara and eye liner or kajal. It’s also a good idea to avoid liquid liners and lipsticks this season. Also carry a compact, because there’s a chance your foundation is not going to last long in the rains.


  1. Folding umbrella: Stepping out of your house without an umbrella is utter foolishness. There are a number of cute and compact umbrellas in the market. You can also find the most vibrant colours to suit your monsoon style.


  1. Extra pair of clothes: This is a no brainer. Your outfit is most likely to get ruined on your way to work, college or lunch. Carry an extra t-shirt or dress with you at all times. This one thing can save your day from getting ruined.


So don’t fret & be prepared this monsoon!


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