With monsoons come the trials and tribulations of finding the perfect skin care regime that would suit your skin type and avoid the painful zits that appear from nowhere. It is important to pamper your skin with the perfect ingredients that it requires and help retain your baby-soft skin. To help you ladies, we list down some basic skin regimes that are easy to follow and not heavy on the pocket!

  1. Moisturise Your Skin

The rainy season tends to make your skin grim and greasy with the acidic rain and air pollution. Thus, it is important to know your skin well and make use of a good moisturizer that will help keep your skin supple and soft. Additionally one should wash their skin with warm water which helps cleaning off bacteria and residue.

Our Favourite moisturizer is this one by Neutrogena

It’s not necessary to ditch your makeup during monsoon !

  1. Adopt Regular Beauty Regimes

With the rains come dirty puddles of water everywhere and cars splashing muddy water on passerbys. To keep yourself clean & healthy, try and visit your parlour for regular manicures & pedicures and a body polish (You can do your own Facial Spa at home – Find our more HERE)  if possible which would help getting rid of the dirt and dead cells.

  1. Invest In Waterproof Make-up

It’s not necessary to ditch your makeup during the wet season! Investing in Water-proof makeup is a good idea as it is recommended for the skin due to its light weighted texture and its ability to withstand the rains without a glitch.

Buy Waterproof Eyeliner HERE ,Waterproof Mascara HERE

& Waterproof lipstick HERE


  1. Drink Lots Of Water & Eat Right

Your body tends to get dehydrated, thus drinking approximately eight glasses of water per day should be a must. Also, avoid eating food from outside as the hygiene maintained is minimal. Sticking to home food is the best way to go!

  1. Make Use Of Natural Remedies

One could skip all the brands and help yourself with home-made beauty care. From fresh-fruit face-packs to home-grounded spices blended into a body-scrub, one could make use of the internet and learn various recipes for body packs and face masks. Natural ingredients do a world of good to your skin.

So go ahead and make the most of these simple remedies which are affordable and best for your skin!


Photos: Isha Talmale