Yes, summer brings in joy, but it also brings glorious heat with it. The sweltering temperature can effectively dampen anyone’s mood to play dress-up. However, a little understanding of fabrics and light weight accessories can brighten up your summer dressing style considerably.


Here a few tips on how you can layer in summer and look as cool as an iceberg lettuce. And while you’re at it, sip on water at regular intervals so as to not succumb to the terrible heat.

  • A versatile light weight shirt can be your summer wardrobe saviour. Pulling a simple shirt over bralettes and spaghettis is one of our favourite layering tricks. You can even throw on a sheer shirt over your dress to give you extra protection from the heat while lending your outfit a chic look at the same time. There are endless ways you can shuffle and style a shirt to make your outfit more interesting and summery. The oldest trick in the book is to tie the bottom half of your shirt into a knot and pair it with a skirt.

  • Choosing the right colour is the key to layering success. Pale hues, particularly whites and shades of cream, are the ultimate summer layering tools. The colour white can be experimented with in a thousand different ways. The reason it is a summer favourite is because it deflects heat and complements almost all styles and shades. Take our advice and make white your best friend this summer. Combine this beatific colour with snazzy prints to give yourself a clean and fashionable look.


  • Layering accessories for summer can give your overall look an eclectic touch if accessorised well. You don’t have to be a style guru to get your arm party on. The more random bracelets you choose to stack on your wrists, the more merrier your look will be. From sparkly cocktail rings to edgy knuckledusters, don’t be afraid to load multiple fingers to give your simple summer look a stylish edge.

Be it outfit layering or simple ring stacking, make use of the above mentioned tips to get your summer game on this season. Don’t think twice about adding these tips to your fashion arsenal to take your summer looks to the next level in 2017.


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