As a girl, you know how annoying waxing or hair removal in general, can be. If you are the kind that doesn’t really care about body hair then, you go girl! We are happy for you! But for the others out there who do care, it can be a really hassle, especially if you lead a very busy life or worse if you’re travelling and have a really long trip ahead.

The first thing we do before starting a vacation is to head to the salon to make sure that we look the best for all those vacay pics. This trip to the salon would include waxing, facials and a hoard of other personal care services. But what if we told you that you needn’t do that anymore. You can skip the salon altogether and head off on your vacation with just one thing in your bag, that’ll take care of all your hair removal needs throughout your vacation. Here’s how.

  The Myths

Shaving is highly frowned upon, especially by your neighbourhood parlour aunty. There are many myths that go along with it, like your hair will grow back thicker, darker and faster. But that’s all that they are, myths. Shaving is the easiest, quickest and painless form of hair removal. All you need is a good razor and you’re good to go.


The Tool

The Gillete Breeze 2-in-1 razor is the best on-the-go razor you will find. With this razor you won’t even need the a separate shaving gel because it comes with built-in shave gel bars with rich body butters and a fresh tropical scent. The shaver comes with a flexible neck that allows a close shave in every curve of your body. You just need to wet the razor and use it. It cannot get any simpler than that. All this makes this a must-have in every girls’ essentials.

The Bonus

Shaving not only saves time but also a tonne of money too. Every trip to the salon will leave your pocket lighter than before. Shaving requires only one thing and you have to do it yourself! So what are you waiting for go grab a razor and you’ll be set for all your trips.