We love to do a lot of things to our hair. From trying out new colours to using various heat tools, we do it all! No doubt, experimenting with your hair is a way to express yourself. However, this can cause a lot of hair breakage. In my case, I coloured my hair this year and have noticed a change in my hair texture (which is not good news!)

It’s 2017 & women don’t really have the time to spend hours in hair salons. To be very honest, i barely spend more than 30 minutes to get hair spa treatment at the salon because we’re used to getting things done instantly. Hence, i was thrilled to try the Himalaya anti-hair fall range as it’s a hair spa that can be done at home without spending much time. Himalaya is one brand that’s been around for years and i have been a regular consumer of their products. A few days back i tried Himalaya’s Anti-hair fall range at Enrich salon in Bandra and this is what i thought about the whole experience.


 The Himalaya Anti-hair fall spa consisted of 4 simple steps:

  1. A relaxing head massage using the anti-hair fall oil which i was told to keep in my hair for about 15-20 minutes. It was followed by steam.
  2. My hair was rinsed twice using the anti-hair fall shampoo to remove any excess oil. The hairstylist also used the anti-hair fall conditioner as it smoothens the ends.
  3. This was followed by the the leave-in cream which left my hair looking super shiny & manageable!

It’s 2017 & women don’t really have the time to spend hours in hair salons




The entire hair spa session was extremely relaxing, especially the oil massage. At the end of the whole spa, i realised how quickly it can be done at home. It’s super simple & efficient! My hair ended up feeling smooth and glossy without feeling greasy. Considering i have naturally curly hair, it’s quite a task to make it look & feel soft. The Himalaya anti-hair fall range is definitely for women who’re always on-the-go and also for people who face a number of hair issues.

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Photos: Isha Talmale