In a tropical country like India, we experience summer majorly throughout the year in most areas. This greatly affects our hair and makes it prone to more dryness and frizzyness.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to take care of your hair in this heat:

1) Cover it up.
We often ensure protection from the sun for our skin, but what about our hair? The sun’s UV ray is a huge reason for making our scalp sweat and in turn drying our hair. Whenever feasible, use a scarf, an umbrella or a hat to cover your hair in the sun.

2) Less styling
No matter how ‘used to’ you are to blow-dry or straighten your tresses, the heat requires you to slow down. Air-dry your hair after a wash. You can also style them naturally by rolling your hair into curls when they are a little damp and voila, you will have gorgeous hair in some hours.

3) Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner
During summers, we sweat a lot and tend to wash it every day. This might strip your scalp of its natural oils. To make up for it, always use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to reduce dry and frizzy hair.


4) Deep conditioning/oiling

Deep conditioning once a week is highly recommended for dry hair. You can also try oiling at home by heating up olive oil, coconut oil and castor oil in same quantities. Store the mixture in a bottle and use it before shampooing at least once a week for frizz-free hair.



5) Taking care pre and post swimming

While summer calls for swimming, it can have adverse affects on our hair. One should always pre-wet their hair before diving in and then again rinse it with clean water after swimming to reduce the chlorine effect of the water in the pools.


We experience summer like nobody & this greatly affects our hair and makes it prone to more dryness and frizzyness.


6) Watch your diet

What you eat can also affect your hair’s condition. Stay high on fluids in summer to ensure hydration. You can also intake citrus fruits which will ensure Vitamin C for healthy hair. After all a healthy lifestyle will reflect healthy hair too.



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