Between overpriced textbooks, rent, groceries, and weekend parties, college life leaves almost no money to pay for the high end fashion lifestyle that comes with it. And online shopping with its ease of access and great sales makes it the most affordable yet fashionable choice for shopping.

To still be able to manage this, here are a few shopping tips that can instantly make you a pro without going broke:


  1. Mailing lists: Signing up for mailing lists of different online shopping sites like Myntra, Koovs and Jabong can enable you to stay up to date with discount coupons and special deals. To be more efficient, you can even create a different email account just for signing up to keep your regular email clean and organized.



  1. A lot of searching: Buying the first thing that you like is never the best way to shop. Do a lot of searching, on all the different sites available, to see the most slashed prices depending on the brand and quality of the product. Comparing similar items on different sites can help you find the best piece at the best price.



  1. Know your size: Knowing your measurements can save you a lot of hassle and avoid the horror of returning the item once delivered, or last minute wardrobe changes. Your measurements should be compared to the check list available for the product to be able to make the most appropriate choice size-wise.


It’s important to know you size & body measurements – and as we have so many amazing International brands that ship to India; it is important to know your global sizes too!

  1. Read reviews: Read reviews of the products given by others to help you make an informed decision about the type of material and fitting of the clothing.




  1. Clearance sales: Impulsive buying may seem tempting but you might end up spending thousands of rupees on things that are definitely going to get their prices slashed later. Save up small amounts of money and once the sales hit the online counter, make your purchases. Don’t forget to hurry up, before your favorite style goes out of stock!




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