Parties can be super fun but the aftermath of a good party is never pretty. Be it the venue or yourself, both need serious work after a night of wild partying and by partying we mean drinking dancing and then simultaneously passing out. If you’ve ever had to go to work or another engagement with a hangover, you know how much time it takes to make yourself look presentable. But what if you’ve got only five minutes before you have to leave for a super important appointment and you can’t be caught dead looking the way you do? Don’t fret cause we’ve got you covered. Here are five make up tips to hide that hangover like a pro, the best part? These will only take you 5 minutes.


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  1. Eyes – When you have a hangover your eyes are the worst hit. If you don’t have time to lie down with some cucumber slices on them, wrap an ice cube or two in a cloth and gently dab it under your eyes. This will drastically reduce the puffiness within seconds.


  1. Skip the foundation – After a night of drinking your skin desperately needs hydration. Skip the heavy coverage foundation since it does not allow your skin to breath. Go for a tinted moisturiser instead.


  1. Conceal those dark circles – Liberally dab concealer under your eyes, in a triangular fashion. Always dab and never rub your concealer, the area under your eyes is very delicate. A triangular pattern ensures that the concealer is distributed evenly and doesn’t clump under the eyes.



  1. Skip the Kajal – Instead of Kajal go for a white eyeliner or concealer stick. The waterline is bound to be red and applying a bright color can instantly make you look more awake.


  1. Don’t skip the blush – Dab a little bit of blush on your cheek bones, this will give your face the colour it’s lacking. Applying a bright cream based blush before your tinted moisturiser can make it look like you have a natural blush.


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