Travelling is loved by most of us. We get to explore new places, meet new people and so on. But the ‘not fun’ part comes while we have to pack for a holiday.  We are often confused what beauty essentials to carry and so we have come up with 10 beauty must haves when you travel:

#1 DRY SHAMPOO: Washing our hair everyday on a holiday is a tiresome task. Carry a bottle of dry shampoo with you to save time and keep your hair looking gorgeous as ever! Buy our favourite one HERE

#2 SUNSCREEN: Regardless of the place or the season of your holiday, a sunscreen is a must. It will protect you from tanning, wrinkles, dark spots and much more! Buy our favourite one HERE

#3 BB CREAM: Lighter on the skin, bring along a BB cream. It will have the benefits of a moisturizer, a foundation, a sunscreen and a primer all combined in one. We love this BB cream!

#4 MASCARA: A good mascara will instantly give you a ‘wide awake’ look. Carry this one to look effortlessly good in any look. Our favourite is the Maybelline colossal mascara.

#5 EYELINER: Eyeliners are usually sleek and easy to pack. Whether liquid or gel, you can create various looks and give eye shadows a skip. Buy HERE

#6 BLUSH: Perfect to liven up your cheeks, this one can make you look put together without much effort. Don’t forget to carry your blush brush along! Buy HERE 

#7 LIPSTICKS: Put on your favourite lipstick and attack! Lipsticks have the power to instantly boost up any look, carry your trustworthy ones. Buy HERE

#8 FACE CLEANSER: While on a holiday, you cannot forgo skin care. Pack along a travel size face wash or cleanser which will help you get rid of your makeup and also keep your skin clean. Buy HERE

#9 DEODRANT: While you can also carry a travel size perfume, deos offer a better deal since they don’t have the risk of breaking down and staining on your clothes. Buy HERE

#10 FACE WIPES: Along with removing your makeup, they are super useful when you are on the go and want to freshen up your face without having to look for water. Buy HERE
These essentials will suffice all your holiday needs and yet won’t be too heavy in your bags. So what say? Bon Voyage?

See what I carry during my travels?