Be the explorer; try these Korean Beauty Products RIGHT NOW!

eauty products are a must-have and are the second best friend to every woman after diamonds. With increasing options available in the market, women often tend to choose products that suit their skin type. With brands all over the world, Korean products are gaining a relevant significance in the market and women are also being more explorative to trying new products. We list four Korean brands that are available in India through popular online portals like &


  1. Innisfree


One of the first natural beauty brand’s in the Korean market, Innisfree shares the benefit of nature from the untouched island of Jeju. The brand claims a usage of pure hand-picked products which have been revolutionary in the beauty space. Priced affordably, the bestsellers are its Green Tea Seed Serum and Long Wear Cover Cushion, which have been awarded several times along with their renowned face masks!

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  1. The Face Shop


The brand is known for high quality products created from botany. It offers a wide range of products that suit almost all skin types and are fortunately against animal testing. The brand claims to enhance women’s natural beauty by blending science and nature. Priced at a higher rate, the brand’s bestsellers are Lip Oil O2 Redberry & its YEHWADAM Revitalizing Toner,  but on the alternate they have a wide range of face masks that are priced at quite an affordable price of INR 100 – 150.


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  1. Laneige


One of the top-most luxury brands, Laneige is known for its moisture based products which are targeted for dry or combination skin. The brand claims to give an everlasting dewy skin effect leaving it hydrated. Priced at an affordable cost, the brand’s bestsellers are the Two Tone Lip Bar consisting of two complementary shades & the Laneige’s Time Freeze Intensive Cream which maintains youthfulness.

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  1. TonyMoly


TonyMoly has become a household name and has escalated to heights of high customer satisfaction. With beautiful & innovative packaging & stylish products, the brand has taken cosmetics to another level. Reasonably priced, their best selling products remain to be the Aquaporin Water Emulsion which hydrates oily-acne prone skin & the Mango Mild Sun Block, SPF 50 does wonders & leaves the skin feeling un-sticky.


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