Bangkok is one of the cities in the world where I would love to stay forever. If you have been following my VLOGS, you might be aware that I traveled to Bangkok in the month of February and stayed there for a good 8 days. We booked a beautiful apartment on AirBnb that was on the 27th floor. Nothing like waking up in the morning to the view of the charming city! It was quite surprising that the apartment was so in sync with my personal taste for interiors. It was beautifully decorated yet minimal.


Considering it was week long trip, we had ample amount of time to plan. I have visited Bangkok twice earlier so I already have been to all the “touristy” places. Hence, we decided to visit the offbeat places instead. I didn’t want to go to Sukhumvit at any cost because it’s way too commercial for my taste. I have been there a number of times during my previous trips and it’s one of those places that i would like to avoid. Now that Sukhumvit is out of picture, here’s the list of cool places that i actually enjoyed visiting:

  1. Unicorn Café
  2. Caturday Café
  3. Asiatique
  4. Bangkok Art & Culture centre
  5. JJ Night Market
  6. Art box market
  7. Chatuchak market


What fascinates me about Bangkok is it’s street food! Being a vegetarian, it’s quite a task to find food every where, however I noticed how the street vendors stir up a good meal & present it in the best way possible. For just 30-40 baht, you can have lunch on the streets of Bangkok. It’s not just about the price but also about cleanliness. When you compare it to the street food in India, the street vendors in Bangkok maintain utmost hygiene. I remember purchasing coconut ice cream on the streets one day for 10 baht and noticed how clean the seller’s cart was. After all, Bangkok is definitely a street food heaven!

Until my Bangkok trip, i thought i had decent cooking skills. But this trip made me realise that my cooking skills are limited to making Maggi or Green Tea. Though we had booked an Airbnb with a well-equipped kitchen, we barely used it because of the following reasons:

  1. I don’t know to cook. I tried to cook Pulav and spent 2 hours on it but it tasted horrible!
  2. He doesn’t either. He has always agreed that he doesn’t know to cook.

Now that you know the reason why we didn’t cook, we had to find another way out i.e find vegetarian restaurants in Bangkok.

For vegans/vegetarians, you will find a number of fresh exotic fruits on the streets. If you’re not into fruits and crave a heavy yet healthy meal, head over to the following places:

May Veggie Home 

One of my Favourite vegan restaurants in Bangkok. Not only is the food fresh but the service is impeccable.

Broccoli Revolution 

Though we didn’t visit this restaurant and kept visiting May veggie home throughout our trip, we did hear a lot about it from  our friends. Apparently they serve some delicious quinoa burgers!

Khana Khazana

As i mentioned earlier, i am not a big fan of the Sukhumvit area (except for it’s street food at certain Sois / lanes) as it’s too commercial but whenever i craved Indian food, i visited Khana Khazana. It’s a just like one of your good old Indian restaurants and they serve some delicious desi food. Just request them to use less oil as they’re quite generous with it! *wink*


Throughout my Bangkok trip, I was obsessed with Bubble tea. The best part is we found a Tea stall wherever we went. Considering it was quite hot, a cold glass of delicious bubble tea was all I needed to cool down.



Moving on  from Food, when I planned my trip to Bangkok, I decided well in advance that I wouldn’t shop as much. Well.. I did shop but I didn’t shop as much as I usually would have! Platinum Mall, Chatuchak market & JJ Night Market were three of “Go to” destination for shopping. From pretty dresses to uber cool sunglasses, I found it all!

Overall, this trip was so special to me mainly because of the unique places we got to visit. I tried to cover as many points as possible but couldn’t include all the details.  If you’re planning to visit Bangkok soon, i hope this post helped you out.

If you have already been to Bangkok, do leave your suggestions / travel tips below!


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