If you’re a car owner and you treat your car almost like your second home you know how important it is to keep your car in the right condition. We’re not just talking about the mechanical well-being of your car but also the importance of having neat and clean interiors. Just like our homes the way we treat or cars speaks volumes about what kind of people we are.

If you treat your car like a second home, you know how easy it is to make it messy. Especially during the summer, when there are water bottles strewn all over the seats, extra clothes in the boot and numerous tissues everywhere. Here are five ways in which you can make your car trendy by adding a few bits and touches, here and there.



  1. A cute & trendy car fragrance – A good car fragrance is a must-have especially during the summer months when your car tends to get musty due to the sweat and constant air conditioning. Godrej Aer Twist is one product that gives your car a perfect fragrance at an affordable price. With a range of six fragrances that can last upto 60 days each, it has something to offer for everyone. You can even change the fragrance according to the seasons or your mood. Right now, I’m rocking the Fresh Lush Green which a gorgeous nature-focused fragrance. This air freshener comes in a gel formula so you don’t have to worry about anything spilling in your car. Not only does the Godrej Aer twist make your car smell fresh but it also looks cute and trendy on your dashboard. Say hello to a fresh, pleasant ride!




“If you treat your car like a second home, you know how easy it is to make it messy; especially during the summer!”


  1. Leather upholstery – Investing a leather seats covers can change the entire look of your car. You can pick a colour that goes well with the colour of your car or go for contrasts and let your creativity show.


  1. Decorative tissue box – Tissues and wet tissues are an in car essential during the summer months. You can opt for a DIY tissue box and create a funky one all by yourself or buy one from the market.


  1. Funky mirror accessories – Mirror accessories are also good option to funk up your car interiors. You can choose anything from a cute stuffed animal to a good luck charm or create one yourself.


  1. Cushions – The function of car cushions isn’t limited to providing comfort. They’re a great car accessory. There unlimited options available in the market, but if you want to give it a personal touch you can create some out of your favourite t-shirts too.


So, how do you keep your car on-trend?