Spring / Summer is my favourite season for one of the obvious facts that I get to wear bright colours. Not that you cannot wear vibrant hues in winter but it goes well with the sunshine, doesn’t it? While spring / summer is all about florals and prints that are full of life, little did we know that it has its own downside – the heat. Being a Mumbaikar, I oftentimes have to bear the brunt of the scorching sun. While I am fine with a pretty tan, the one thing I don’t like is when I have to minimise my wardrobe to just lightweight cotton shirts & trousers.

Being a fan of jeans & layering, I often times wonder how I am going to do without them during summer. For someone whose every day outfits are dependent on a pair of jeans, I knew that I was taking a risk because the temperature isn’t going any lower.  Recently, I visited Westside and checked the Sassy Soda collection out, which is dedicated to curvier women. The collection included quirky shirts / T-shirts, Shift dresses,  Feminine summer dresses and more. I came across their denim section and instantly fell in love with it! Not only did that have a number of colours & fits/sizes but they were extremely soft & comfortable. A number of us have a misconception that if a jeans feels soft and is lightweight, the fit won’t be that nice. When it comes to the Sassy Soda jeans, it was the complete opposite. They fit like a glove and enhanced my curves. I felt instantly confident and couldn’t wait to welcome a few pairs of them into my wardrobe.

Women come in different shapes & sizes and it’s important to embrace your body with confidence. While the market is saturated with clothing options, it’s quite a task to find trendy clothing for curvier / plus size women. Most clothing options for curvy women are either loose tops or baggy kurtis. This is where Sassy Soda comes into the picture – They have a wide range of fashionable clothing in sync with the latest trends that are dedicated to curvy women.

While summer can be scary for those who love denims & layering, Sassy soda has launched a fun, young & truly sassy collection that not only embodies the meaning of summer but also is extremely summer-friendly. Hence, I decided to style two very street style outfits that are in sync with my personal style using some of the pieces from their collection.

1. For the first look, I chose a soft and comfortable striped t-shirt, a denim jacket & jeans. Back in the day, stripes used to be a naval uniform worn by sailors only to distinguish them from the waves so that they can be found easily but today almost everyone is in love with this nautical print as it makes a huge fashion statement.  “Stripes make people look wider than they’re” that’s what people tend to think usually. However, did you know that the thickness & the colours of the stripes matter as well? I chose stripes every so often mainly because it’s so parisian &  it gives a very effortless yet put together look.

2. As it’s summer, I realised that it’s high time I added some colours to my wardrobe.  For the second look,  I chose a playful peach coloured heart print top which again is very cosy and paired it with light blue denims. This outfit can be worn for brunch, to college (Switch it with sneakers) or even on a date.

I wish prepping a fashionable summer wardrobe for curvy women was as simple as 1,2,3. It isn’t easy but if you find the right pieces that requires minimal styling, you can put together an Instagram #OOTD worthy outfit. If you’re at Westside, check the Sassy Soda (Available online HERE collection out for clothing that require minimal styling yet make maximum Fashion statement. Stay Sassy!

Location: The House, Versova | Photographer: Isha Talmale | Styling: Gia Kashyap