I promised myself that i won’t travel in the month of March & April because i needed to get back to my routine. Travel is addictive & it feeds my soul but when i travel, my fitness routine goes for a toss. Considering i won’t be going anywhere for the next 2 months, i have a number of travel stories to share with you! The recent one has to be from my Bangkok trip.

We were on our way to the Cat Cafe in Bangkok when we came across this abandoned lane. All the shops and stores here were shut during the day. It looked like a post-apocalyptic town. I wondered what it would look like at night. Zombies?  Anyway, considering i was wearing a K-Pop-esque outfit that day, i decided to do an impromptu photoshoot. I picked up this T-shirt from one of the stores in Bangkok. It was such a random purchase but i don’t regret it at all. Shopping in Bangkok is definitely a hit or miss. One day you will find amazing clothes/shoes and the next day you will find nothing. As i stayed in Bangkok for a good 8 days, i had enough time in hand to look around & shop. You can check all about it in my Bangkok VLOG HERE

It looked like a post-apocalyptic town


Top & Cap : Bangkok | Tights: Forever21 | Shoes: New Look