The one thing that comes to my mind when i think about Rajasthan are the vibrant hues. India in general is a colouful country but personally, Rajasthan stands out to me. I sound like someone visiting the country for the first time after years but here’s something you’re not aware of me – i always travel with an open mind. I think of myself as an outsider & try it to seep in as much of information as possible from a place. After all, there are so many beautiful places in our country that we fail to appreciate.

Recently, i visited Jodhpur with Vivo India. We called it the “Vivo Diaries”. The Vivo blogger group was dominated by tech bloggers but i also had the company of a few Fashion bloggers. I would generally start the blogpost off with the first thing i did once i landed in Jodhpur but this time i am going to talk to you about my favourite destination from the 2-day trip. It was undoubtedly, Meherangarh Fort. I was mesmerized by it’s colours. It was too unreal! Words wouldn’t do justice to this man made marvel.

While i usually travel with a +1, i also like traveling alone. This time around, i had my Blogger friends to help me click some photos. Whenever i travel alone, i use a tripod to click my photos or just ask a passerby to click a picture for me. At times, i have even asked my Uber driver at the Airport (for #OOTD pics). Never be shy!

Clicking good photos can be quite tricky! Always try to find a location with lots of Natural light. You do not need a professional camera to click great pictures! It’s not always about the gadget but also about the composition and the editing / post-processing. I tried the Vivo V5 plus & was quite impressed by the camera. For people who like selfies, this is it! It has 20 MP dual front camera & various other features to help you enhance your photos.


Moving on to yet another adventure, we went for the Black buck Safari in the jungles. 5 jeeps and a dry forest filled with cows & goats. After a 10 minute bumpy ride, we finally spotted them!

Almost all the bloggers ran towards the Black bucks to click the perfect photo but a bunch of us thought not to disturb them & decided to stay back. The Black bucks looked so graceful even as they ran through the dry grass. I wish i could have had a closer look at them but i just didn’t want to scare them away.

Although carpets look beautiful from the outside, most of us are not aware of the amount of work that goes into making them

After the Black Buck Safari, we visited a local Carpet shop & learned how to make carpet. Although carpets look beautiful from the outside, most of us are not aware of the amount of work that goes into making them. According to the store owner, it takes almost 2-3 months to make one carpet.

They displayed a number of colourful carpets with interesting designs. A few even purchased a thing or two from the store. However, i barely had any space in my suit case to carry anything at all. (Thank you winter wear!)



We stayed at Vivanta by Taj / Hari Mahal (Jodhpur). It was as beautiful as every other place i had seen in Rajasthan in the past few years. Hope you enjoyed going through my photo diary. I will be back with more visuals very soon.

If you prefer videos over images, you can watch my Jodhpur vlog HERE.


Photography: Farah Magi, Shalini Chopra, Giridher, My Tripod, Friendly Hotel Staff, A Stack of pillows & My Table

Post-processing/Editing: Gia Kashyap