What’s one thing in common that a number of Indian women share? Thick body hair! I have seen a number of Indian women suffer from dark body hair in places you wouldn’t want them to be. Sadly, this is something women have been trying to get rid of for years. We have used creams, gels, wax, razors & more but couldn’t find a solution. No doubt, i am all about going for the “I will not shave my legs, deal with it!” phase during winter but when it comes to summer, things change quite a bit. I personally prefer to be hair-free. I have hair in the most unwanted places. I mean why me? Moving on, being hairless or being hairy is totally subjective & differs from person to person. So, this article is dedicated to women who want to get rid of them all!

Considering i travel quite a bit (i.e DUBAI – JODHPUR – BANGKOK – HAMPI in the last 2 months! Phew! This year has been crazy but amazing!) i don’t get time to visit the salon. However, i do get time to carry Gillette Venus satin care shave gel + the Gillette razor along  in my suitcase wherever i go. Funny thing is, it takes me barely 10-15 minutes to shave my legs compared to the time it would take to visit the salon and get my legs waxed. Why didn’t i get this Shave gel in college? I would have saved so much time! Anyway, I receive a number of queries from readers asking me if shaving causes ingrown hair. Let me explain this to you – you cannot escape ingrown hair but if you want to avoid them – EXFOLIATE! Yes, that’s the magic word. Exfoliate every other day to get rid of ingrown hair. Also, exfoliate a day before you shave.

Let me know your favourite way to get rid of hair.

Dress: Koovs | Sunglasses: Bangkok

Photos: Vishal Hazare | Editing & Styling: Gia Kashyap