Call me loyal but for years I have been using the same Shampoo & Conditioner. It might be a blind belief in the brand or because my hair is so used to a single product. However, after a while I realized that using the same Shampoo doesn’t really work in the long run. Here’s why – Your hair stops showing the same results it used to in the beginning if you use the same Shampoo repeatedly. This is something that I have noticed & as I always say, the results are totally subjective.

Recently, I tried the all NEW Pantene Shampoo & Conditioner duo. The duo is said to give you thicker and stronger hair in just 14 days. How? It’s packed with the goodness of oil and has a Pro-V formula that strengthens your hair from root to tip.

Well…I actually took up their #Strongerin14Days Challenge to see if it actually works! After colouring my hair last year, my hair had become considerably dry & gotten more difficult to manage. Keep in mind that I have naturally wavy/curly hair & I do style it quite often. Constant heat style can also make your hair weak & brittle. The first day after using the duo my hair felt softer & much more manageable. I let it air dry as usual and kept it in its curly state. After 2nd & 3rd usage, I noticed a bit of difference in my hair’s texture. It felt smoother and softer.

In just two weeks, my hair was no longer brittle. The Pantene Shampoo & Conditioner did make my hair more manageable. It’s not just a feeling, people I’ve run into have told me that my hair took much thicker. I’ve been traveling recently and it’s a hair care regime that lends itself to the road. I no longer have to carry multiple products or worry about my hair quality. I say bring on the colouring because I know I’ve got the secret to strong hair.The New Pantene really transformed my hair giving me thicker and stronger hair in just 14 days. My hair is much more manageable!

You can give it a shot too & let me know how it works – CLICK HERE