Waxing can be painful, time consuming and not to forget expensive, yet women consider it the only good way of hair removal. This is because the other easy way of hair removal, that is shaving brings with it a lot of that make it scary and unsafe for women to try.

We’ve been told ever since we were little girls on the precipice of becoming women that shaving is a big no-no. It makes you hair grow back thicker, darker and a hundred other things, which have been proven to be untrue. If you use the right razor and products then shaving is the best, easiest and most time efficient way of hair removal there is. Gillette, one of the most trusted brands for shaving products, has recently launched a range especially for women. The Gillette Venus shaving gel and even the razor are infused with the goodness of Aloe to give your skin a moisturising effect even as you shave.

Here are some facts that’ll bust all your shaving myths and make you wonder why you didn’t start shaving sooner:

Shaving makes hair grow back thicker and darker: Shaving has no effect what so ever on the thickness or colour of your hair as it does not even touch your roots. A razor cuts off your hair at its thickest point and thus it may feel thicker when it really isn’t.

It makes your hair grow back faster: Shaving does not make your hair grow faster. Your hair will grow at the same rate no matter what.

It causes ingrown hair: Ingrown hair is caused when the hair follicle doesn’t break the surface of your skin, it can occur even when you wax. You need to exfoliate your skin using a scrub to prevent ingrown hairs.

It will make your skin dry: Shaving does not make your skin dry. It totally depends on the products you use & the way you shave. You can try the Gillette Venus shaving gel and razor that are infused with Aloe to make sure that your skin feels moisturized and smooth.

Shaving everyday will ruin your skin: Shaving only trims your hair from the surface on your skin. No matter how many times you do it, it does not change its effects.


What’s your favourite method of hair removal?