Winter is the best time of the year for anyone who loves to dress up. The weather is cool, so you don’t need to worry about sweat staining your clothes, you can layer to your hearts desire and most of all you can finally bring out those cute sweaters, jumpers and shawls that you’ve been hoarding all year long.

However you need to take special care of these clothes to keep them looking new and fresh. They need the right kind of detergent, the right kind of washing and the right kind of storage to maintain their appeal. So here’s a guide to help care for your cozy winter wear, the right way.

The Wash

You cannot just throw your woollen sweaters and jumpers into the washing machine. This will cause them to give out lint, stretch out of shape and loose their colour. Carefully read the washing instructions on the labels of these garments to wash them properly.

The Detergent

 The detergent you use also makes a huge difference to the way your woollens look and feel after the wash. Using regular detergents for your woollens can dull their colour. There are a lot of amazing fabric softeners and conditioners available especially for wooden clothes. Wipro Safewash is one of them, what makes this liquid detergent special is that it is enriched with the goodness of Neem to give your clothes a fresh and clean scent. While other liquid detergents can lose their scent once the clothes are dried and stored, Wipro Safewash helps clothes retain their scent. Apart from that it also comes with anti bacterial components that protect your clothes from bacteria and fungi while in storage. You can find out more about the benefits of liquid detergents here.

The Post Wash Care

 Ensure that you don’t dry you winter wear directly under the sun. This can take away the colour of your clothes. After washing turn your clothes inside out and hang them to dry in a shaded area. When you wear these clothes do not spray perfumes on your woollens as this could attract moths and insects to them. Avoid stretching or pulling these too much as they can easily stretch out of shape. Be careful not to stain your clothes with food or dirt as woollens can hold on to stains.

The Storage

 As soon as it’s time to put away your winter wear, send them out to get them dry-cleaned. Button up and hang your coats and jackets and neatly fold your sweaters before storing. Remove the lint with a help of a razor or suede brush. You can put in some moth balls or packets in your clothes storage, but put them in cotton packet or cover them with a cloth to avoid them from staining the clothes.