As much as we all love traveling, I don’t think there are many people who enjoy the act of packing for it just the same. Some start packing a week before and there are some who don’t even think getting the suitcases open until the last moment. Whatever the case may be but we’ve all had times when you barely got an afternoon on your hands to pack for an urgent trip and definitely forgot something.


Here’s a few things to keep in mind if you want to be a Ninja Packer:

  1. Essentials First: If there are things that you cannot live without like medication or contacts etc. throw these in first because everything else can be probably be bought at the destination. Your passport, paperwork and itinerary should also already be in order!
  2. Colour Palette: If you want to pack quickly, think of a colour palette or maximum 3 colours and only pack things that fall under it. You’re saved from the trouble of having to put together each day’s and I’m certain you will have more options to mix and match than you’ll ever need.
  3. Versatile Clothing: Take pieces that can be easily dressed up or dressed down as you need them like a black dress or white t-shirt or simple ballet flats. Remember that things that go with everything and don’t wrinkle are your friends. Also, throw in a light multi-weather jacket so that you’re never stuck in a bad weather situation.
  4. Toiletries How-To: You can’t always go and buy travel size variants of your choice shampoo or body wash so the best thing to do is invest in a set of travel safe bottles. You can quickly fill these up from your bathroom and throw everything in a clear bag and you’re good to go.

If you make sure that all your clothing is washed and laundered already then packing can be a much faster and easier affair. It also helps if you have a sense of clarity in your head about your travel itinerary and the kind of clothes/shoes you might need. Make sure to check the weather of your travel destination before you begin packing and do not over pack. You don’t need to take everything!


Happy journey!