Women all over the world have been told that clean and hair-free arms and legs are the norm and that they should aspire for silky-smooth skin all over their body. Most of us conform to this norm because hey, who likes to wear a short dress only to display their hairy legs? However, today’s women aren’t just confined to their homes. They have a job and a social life and it becomes tough to maintain hair-free skin at all times. What is a woman to do in such a situation?


There are different kinds of hair removal options available in the market today. From shaving to waxing and from laser treatment to electrolysis, there is no dearth of choices to help you remove the pesky hair on your body. There have been countless theories over the years proving why one method is better than the other. While some women swear by waxing, others are more happy with shaving the hair off of their body. So amidst all this hullabaloo, which is the best option to go ahead with?

Shaving works by cutting off the hair at skin level. While waxing can hurt with every pull, shaving is comparatively painless as long as you’re careful not to cut yourself. Just ensure that you use a reliable shaving cream or oil and a sharp razor and you’re sure to avoid any razor burns. While most people require another individual to help wax their hair off their bodies, shaving can be done by oneself. Another reason why shaving is better for a woman who is on the go is that it is not very time-consuming.

Laser, on the other hand, is a long-term option of hair removal. It does not permanently remove all your hair as is the myth. What it does is that it simply reduces the amount of hair and makes it lighter and finer. This method works best for those women who have darker hair and lighter skin. Laser hair removal takes up to 8-12 sittings and is a very expensive hair-removal method.

If we had to recommend one option of hair removal, we would go with shaving for it is quick, painless and perfect for the women who are constantly on the go. If you’re new to shaving, you can try the Gillette satin smooth shave gel and razor which decreases irritation on the most sensitive skin and protects you against nicks and cuts, giving you a flawless look!

Images: Gia Kashyap | Article: Munira Rangwala