If you guys follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you might be aware that I was in Dubai for a week. I will get into detail about the vacation very soon but before that I wanted to share a little something that I learnt. While on a vacation, we often do a number of impromptu plans. At times, the people you travel with might suggest a trip to the club or the beach. Not everything goes according to the itinerary.

In my case, I usually carry one extra dress/ shirt for emergencies. However, if you plan to wear a dress or shorts, you want to keep your legs and arms smooth & hair-free. Often times, we visit the parlour close to our home to get such beauty treatments done but what do you do when you’re on a vacation?
This is when I realized that we need products that will make hair removal simple while we’re on-the-go. One such product I carried with me to Dubai is the Gillette Satin care Shave gel for sensitive skin + the Gillette razor. It took me roughly about 20-30 minutes to shave my legs and I was good to go! I am so thankful for such products that make the shaving process so easy. Not just that, considering i have sensitive skin, the gel doesn’t give me any pesky bumps if i use the razor carefully.

What’s your go-to product while you’re on a vacation?
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