It’s almost time to say goodbye to, hold your breath, 2016. From Jon snow being dead and back again to the farewell of our currency this year has seen more drama than keeping up with kardashians. And no wonder we all need a dose of something different to give ourselves a breather in order to welcome 2017 with some good vibes.

Here are 5 creative ways to change your look before the year ends and leave all the drama behind.

1. Go back in time

We all have our favourite decade whether it’s the bold red lip and vintage curls of the 50s or carefree 80s with dreadlocks, metallic tones and everything laid back. Pick that era which defines your personality the most and give your wardrobe a makeover around it.

2. Find a way around.

Accessories less, accessories much or chose a statement accessory, it’s totally your choice. But accessorising is the mantra. You can give your look a whole lot of depth with them. Go for colors which go with everything like gold, silver, turquoise and red. That way you can mix and match and create many looks without being broke.

3. Change the way you do your makeup

Thanks to Nikkie Tutorials and Jaclyn Hill we all know how makeup can be a game changer! Small changes like changing the thickness of your eyeliner, the angle of your contour so that it’s a bit harsh and adding some highlighter to your inner corner can make an abundance of a difference. If you are a fan of neutral lip shade than go for plums and browns. This will draw instant attention to your lips. So, this fall let that little bit go a long way.

4. Brow and how

If you are fan of minimal than this is the way to go. Just change the shape of your eyebrows, let that tail be longer or that head be edgier. Take your pick and let the world wonder what all is new with you.

5. When in doubt, go for bangs!

If you are still confused about which way to go then go for bangs. They suit every face cut and length and makes you look 180 degree different at the same time. Also going for a hair color which is 2-3 shades lighter than your actual colour will add more radiance to your face and gives you a fresh look.

What’s your pick?