The one thing i have been asked a number of times in my blogging career is – ”
What is the key to starting a successful blog?”.

Blogging has evolved tremendously since the past 6 years. In 2010-2011, bloggers concentrated more on the content. It was raw, unbiased & articles were opinionated. However, today as micro-blogging / Instagram influencers have come in to the picture, blogging has a complete new form. Given the social media user’s attention span today, Instagram seems to be a perfect place for them to scroll through beautiful images which is actually an alternate reality. No doubt, i am big fan of Instagram. However, i treat it just like any one of my social media accounts / handles and not as a form of blogging.

 The key to starting a successful blog is to not think about the success but about the value you will be adding in other people’s lives and yours. It’s about your passion & love for the particular topic. Don’t think about instant validation but think about the longevity. Blogging is not rocket science. Anyone can start a blog but only a few make it to where they want to be!




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Dress- Myntra | Footwear: Asos

Photographer: Thought on Camera | Styling & Editing: Gia Kashyap