We are going to tell you a lesser known secret today and you better listen up because you’re not only going to end up with better quality stuff in your closet, you’re also going to spend a lot less moolah. Lesser money spent on shopping equals to a happier you and we promise this article is going to leave you very happy till you reach the end of it.

One of retail’s lesser known facts is that apparel in the men’s department is better made as compared to similar items in the women’s section. Why, you ask? It’s because men’s wear involves fewer templates as they offer lesser style options. For women’s wear on the other hand, manufacturers use several templates which leaves less money to be allotted in the budget to invest in materials.


Here’s a quick guide on what to shop from the men’s department!

  1. Sweaters

Winter is coming. Not just on Game of Thrones but also in India. Shop your chunky knits from the men’s section as they’ll be made of better material and will be available at a cheaper price.


  1. Blazers

Step out in a slightly over-sized tuxedo blazer and you’re sure to have women come up to you and tell you how very chic you look. Where better to get these oversized beauties than in the men’s department! Pair it with a pair of ripped jeans or even a gown and see it work wonders.


  1. Button-up shirts

Men’s shirts have more structure which automatically gives you a cooler look. They are made without the pesky seams that women’s shirts have that make the items appear more fitted and dated.


  1. Oversized jackets

Every woman loves oversized jackets! And no, we aren’t generalizing. While some like to spot them as a fashion statement, others see this item as comfort clothing. The world of oversize is your oyster in the men’s department.


The list above is just a start. There is so much more (accessories included) that you can shop from the men’s department. Let’s take advantage of this situation as where we can shop from their department, they can’t shop from ours!