When you’re trying to slay on both the professional and personal fronts, its generally your skin that takes a beating. We all face days when you didn’t get enough of that beauty sleep and its showing up on your pretty face. But here’s a few remedies to keep that exhausted looking face at bay:


1. Moisturize & Exfoliate: The quickest way to remove dead skin cells which are the number one reasons for dullness is exfoliation. Use a gentle scrub and rinse off after a warm shower

2. Use a Facepack: Tired face is a big No-no when you have to rush to an event or have a date. To instantly make you seem more awake, use a magical product like Himalaya Kesar face pack. Not only does it make your skin feel soft it also brightens it. it has ingredients like Kesar, walnut, Aloevera & turmeric which in turn helps to remove uneven tan & makes your skin soft. It also contains CINNABLOC™, Himalaya’s patented, herbal sunscreen agent, protects your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. You can purchase it HERE

3. Blush & Highlight: You can give a little flush of colour to your face with a soft blush to bring your face to life. Also, any product that gives radiance is your friend, so use a highlighting product get a bounce of light and look more awake instantly. You need all the luminescence you can get today. You could also opt for bronzing if you feel you’re lurking towards paleness.

4. Glossy Lips: An easy way to move attention away from your skin is to perk up those beautiful lips. You could play up your lips by using a fun bright colour or just throw some gloss. Healthy looking lips create an impression of a healthy face. And it’s always good to keep a single feature of attention on your face.

Above everything, the most important thing you can do is drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. And hydration doesn’t end there, in order to keep your skin supple and healthy use face masks regularly and keep a healthy balance diet because whatever you consume is what’s going to show up on your face. So get some rest and keep glowing!